Volunteers are the essential element in a successful ministry


Let’s talk about the people that make this ministry possible.  The volunteers.  Staff cannot make it happen without volunteers.  They are the single most important element in the delivery of services to the “least of these brothers and sisters,” of mine.

Why is this important?

Brother Mark and I have recently witnessed first-hand a ministry we volunteered with in Virginia Beach, that more often than not, treated their volunteers as an expendable resource.  We know first-hand the horrible feeling of wanting to help people in need while being treated as if we were indentured servants.

The layers of service

The chart at the right depicts the elements of a service ministry. 

  1. At the very center of the ministry are those being served, the clients, the heart of the ministry.  They come first in everything we do.
  2. The second ring are the volunteers that “make it happen.”  They are the second most important element of the ministry.  Without them, we would be unable to serve those in need.
  3. The third ring are the donors who supply the ministry with what it needs to serve the heart of the ministry.  Without them, we would have very little to offer those in need.
  4. The fourth ring are the paid staff who manage the day to day needs of the ministry.  They are the outer ring, and though they are important too, there would be no paid position for them without rings 1, 2, and 3.  Anytime they forget this, they run the risk of making the entire structure unstable.

The ballance

The entire ministry depends on every ring and every element under the watchful guidance of Jesus Christ.  Only one ring rests on the shoulders of Jesus Christ, and those my friends are the “least of these brothers and sisters” of ours.

Are you volunteering to help the least?

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