What are you doing to serve the least of our brothers and sisters?

24 Bags of Clothes to Charity, Repurposed Money and Helping our Brothers and Sisters

Several weeks ago, I delivered the last 24 bags of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing to local charities. We collected two truckloads of clothing for the homeless last year, delivering the bulk to PiN Ministries in Va Beach, VA. In fact, we collected so much last year that we had to lease a storage unit to hold it. The storage unit has been cleared out, and the money for the lease has been repurposed for other ministries.

Over the past few weeks, we also had the opportunity to help an elderly couple remove furniture from their home that was repurposed for another person’s home. We also moved a challenging couch and chair from a room over their garage to another room in the house. It didn’t end with moving furniture; we also took care of over 3 acres of lawn maintenance in the past several weeks.

The goal of this post isn’t to say look at what we did, but to illustrate the importance of doing for others, the least of our brothers and sisters. Jesus Christ set the example we are to follow, … are you following His example?

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Acts 20:35

Cash for the Homeless?

We have worked up close and personal with the homeless of Virginia Beach, and if there is anything with have learned thru this ministry is that you should never give money to those panhandling on the street. Cash seldom goes to buy food, shelter, or any human essentials. Instead, offer them prayer and share one of the numbers below. The cities of Hampton Roads have resources available, offering housing, clothing, showers, laundry, and more.

Veterans Crisis Line – 1-800-273-8255

Volunteers are the essential element in a successful ministry


Let’s talk about the people that make this ministry possible.  The volunteers.  Staff cannot make it happen without volunteers.  They are the single most important element in the delivery of services to the “least of these brothers and sisters,” of mine.

Why is this important?

Brother Mark and I have recently witnessed first-hand a ministry we volunteered with in Virginia Beach, that more often than not, treated their volunteers as an expendable resource.  We know first-hand the horrible feeling of wanting to help people in need while being treated as if we were indentured servants.

The layers of service

The chart at the right depicts the elements of a service ministry. 

  1. At the very center of the ministry are those being served, the clients, the heart of the ministry.  They come first in everything we do.
  2. The second ring are the volunteers that “make it happen.”  They are the second most important element of the ministry.  Without them, we would be unable to serve those in need.
  3. The third ring are the donors who supply the ministry with what it needs to serve the heart of the ministry.  Without them, we would have very little to offer those in need.
  4. The fourth ring are the paid staff who manage the day to day needs of the ministry.  They are the outer ring, and though they are important too, there would be no paid position for them without rings 1, 2, and 3.  Anytime they forget this, they run the risk of making the entire structure unstable.

The ballance

The entire ministry depends on every ring and every element under the watchful guidance of Jesus Christ.  Only one ring rests on the shoulders of Jesus Christ, and those my friends are the “least of these brothers and sisters” of ours.

Are you volunteering to help the least?

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving from the Volunteers at THE 25:40 PROJECT

Today, countless ministries and organizations will be busy at work feeding the “least of these brothers and sisters of mine.” God provided the resources that allowed us to get 18 turkeys to ministries and organizations feeding our brothers and sisters today. God is so very good! The vast majority, if not all, of the folks being served today, will be alone. For myriad reasons, they are separated family, alone, many hurting, and all in need.

One of the organizations we supported this Thanksgiving will be feeding some of our area senior citizens who are shut-in and isolated from much of the world. The other organization will be ensuring no family sits at an empty table today. These folks are doing God’s work, literally.

At MCF we believe our gifts from God are best put to use by supporting other ministries that are already on the front lines caring for those in need. The duplicity of effort often dilutes the capacity to deliver. We’re thankful to have had the opportunity to work with these groups this year.

When God says Go, we don’t ask why or how it fits into our Ministry, we simply ask for directions

God has used our ministry in many different ways, and yes we have felt taxed at times, but we never stopped moving forward.

God continually encouraged us, and He most certainly has rewarded us spiritually for our efforts. From providing Passover Meals to those in need, over 6,000 miles away in Israel, to providing Christmas for children of the incarcerated, and sending them off for a week of summer camp here in North Carolina.

Now the numbers here are confusing, but here goes. God has allowed MCF to provide Christmas for 15 kids last year, 16 this year, so 31 in total. Now for summer camp, we have directly funded 12 with God’s gifts.

Need help with directions, we have maps.

The 25:40 Project has a Bountiful Eye spreading Thanksgiving meals to those in need

We want to thank Denise Roddy, a REALTOR® Broker at Howard Hanna Real Estate for spreading love and food to the least of our brothers and sisters. Six turkeys, thru her donation, a case of stuffing, canned corn, and green beans were donated to American Legion Post 288 in Coinjock, NC. Denise donated another 4 turkeys that went to the local ministry, The Twelve. If you have ever visited Hunts House 4 Kids at Holloween, then you have experienced just one their community projects. In total, we were able to get 16 turkeys to these organizations who “know where the need” is in our community. Thanks again to Denise and the men of MCF.

Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.

Proverbs 22:9

We are firm believers in not reinventing the wheel. Supporting and working with other ministries and organizations is our calling. Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

About The 25:40 Project

THE 25:40 PROJECT based in Moyock, NC was founded by inspiration from God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  The Project is focused on living out the example set by Jesus in Matthew 25:40, by caring and advocating for the least of our brothers and sisters.

The Project does not exist to compete with, duplicate or replace any other existing ministry, organization or entity already focused on the human condition.  Rather, Jesus Christ would have us come alongside others and assist where we can. 

The least come from every facet of society, encompassing many various forms of need.  No one ministry, organization or entity can meet every need.  Through the Grace of God, we can work together to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, invite a stranger in, provide clothes to those in need, care for the sick and visit those imprisoned or being persecuted.

“To help and advocate for the least of these brothers and sisters of ours, wherever we can, whenever we can, and however we can.”


Thank You Again for Your Support

Yesterday, Wednesday the 6th of October, four of our volunteers met at our storage unit to sort the clothes from last weekends clothes drive. All of the clothes were broken down and sorted by category, and then bagged for distribution. Thanks to the generosity of our community we now have 42 bags of the following:

Men’s Bags

  • Men’s Hiking Boots 1
  • Men’s Sweaters 3
  • Men’s Jeans and Khakis 6
  • Men’s Sweats 1
  • Men’s Heavy Coats 1
  • Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts 1
  • Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts 1
  • Men’s Shorts 3
  • Men’s Belts 1

Women’s Bags

  • Women’s Sweaters 4
  • Women’s Jeans 3
  • Women’s Coats 3
  • Women’s Short Sleeve Shirts 4
  • Women’s Sweats 1
  • Women’s Shoes 1
  • Women’s Pajama’s 1

Disabled Veterans Bags

  • Various Men’s and Women’s clothings – 7

First Donation Day a huge Success

We held our first donation day on 2 October 2021, and we were overwhelmed by the support from our community. In the first hour we had our first truckload, and by the end of our 3 hour donation day, we needed two trucks to haul it away. Not only that, we found ourselves needing more room to store everything for sorting. So one of our volunteers went to Scot Stor in Moyock for a storage unit. Scot Store supported our ministry is a discount and our climate controlled unit is the first one inside the door for easy access. Visit them here.

We want to expressly thank:

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Currituck Office for allowing us to use their parking lot, visit them here.

The men of Moyock Christian Fellowship, visit them here.

Denise Roddy, Real Estate Broker, Howard Hanna Currituck, visit her here.

Robbie with Carolina Masonry