They homeless look like us

According to a survey by Charles Schwab, 59% of American live one paycheck away from homelessness.  The reality is the homeless community is made up people just like you and me.  You would be surprised by the number of professionals who make up this community.  Scientist, Businessmen and women, folks with college degrees, Veterans of all ranks, and entire families. 

Becoming Homeless

For myriad reasons people of all walks of life find themselves homeless, and sometimes overnight.  Health issues individually or in the family, combined with the high cost of healthcare can push entire families in homelessness.  The loss of a breadwinner from divorce, death, addiction and tragedy can all lead to homelessness.  COVID has created even more homeless.

False narratives

The National Alliance to End Homelessness estimates that 26% of homeless struggle with addiction.  It’s however a false narrative that everyone living on the streets are addicts, it’s simply not true.  According to a survey of 564,708 homeless by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 25% of the homeless population sufferers from serious mental illness.

The homeless

They are the least of these brothers and sisters of ours.